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SBB carries out its own railway and groundwork contracts and has extensive experience of works management in rail track, groundwork and signalling.

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Consultancy services

We’re always happy to help with construction and site management in groundwork, rail track and signalling projects. We have extensive experience in a wide range of projects. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to provide references.

Equipment rental

We have road-rail backhoe loaders of which one is fitted with an access basket; we have a truck, and machines for trenching and ground works.


SBB carries out ground and trenching works alongside railways.

Signal services

SBB has experienced, skilled signal technicians able to complement your crew or form their own if preferable. Our signal technicians have fully equipped service vehicles. SBB also carries out SISÄ control undertakings.

Signal contracts

We carry out:

  • Construction and installation of crossing barriers, signal boxes and huts
  • Signal safety inspections
  • ATC reductions incl planning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Speed reduction system rentals including positioning
  • Review of (railway) points
  • Complete signal contract works in old and new installations

Track inspections

SBB helps many industrial customers with their annual rail track equipment safety inspections, maintenance, commissioning and take-over inspections.

Track welding

SBB has has skilled track welders experienced in exothermic, bead and mould welding. We are also certified to perform welding work on Swedish Transport Administration installations.


We perform non-destructive testing of rails and welds using ultrasound.
Our ultrasound technicians are approved at Level 2, with years of experience in ultrasound testing of rails and welds in rails.

Rail track and safety services

SBB has experienced, skilled railway technicians who carry out sleeper replacement, neutralizations, points installation and track construction etc. SBB also has experienced, skilled inspectors for railway points, tracks and railway crossings etc. Our personnel are equipped with service vehicles with a range of equipment and tools.

We can form complete crews and/or supplement those of our clients.

We provide experienced foremen, lookouts and electrical works supervisors.

Track contract works

We carry out track works such as track and points construction and neutralizations.

We also carry out project planning and track installation status inspections.

Brush clearance

SSP carries out both mechanical and manual brush clearance.

Noise abatement works

We have extensive experience of building and installing acoustic barriers in several different materials alongside roads and railways as both turnkey projects and design contracts, which means we are able to offer a complete solution that focuses on safety and quality for our customers.

Snow clearance

We carry out snow clearance on platforms and access roads etc. and we have our own snow clearance equipment.